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Meet Nathan! – Team Member Spotlight

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At Truxton’s, we take pride in our team and those who take care of our guests everyday!!  We have made it a new goal to introduce all of you to our team members so that you can come in and say Hi! or just get some amusement out of some of our wide array of characters here at Truxton’s.

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First up on our list is Nathan.  Check out his Q&A below to get to know him and make sure to come in to Santa Monica and visit him at the bar!

Q: Name?
A: Nathan Jenisch

Q: Which location do you work at?
A: Santa Monica!

Q: What is your position?
A: Bartender and Captain of the Drama Club

Q: How long have you been with Truxton’s?
A: Awhile now

Q: When do you usually work?
A: Monday – Friday 11:30-4ish

Q: What is your favorite Truxton’s dish?
A: El Papito Especial!

Q: What would you pair this with?
A: Ancho Honey Glazed Shrimp, also maybe the Wonton Pepita Coleslaw

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: I just paused Will & Grace to finish this survey.  Also I rollerblade most days and have 9 siblings.

Q: What is your go to song right now?
A: Plz no judgment, but ‘Lost In Japan’ by Shawn Mendes

Q: What was your first concert?
A: Backstreet Boys TBH

Q: Three words to describe you?
A: Fashion Icon, Humble

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: Big Fish or Moulin Rouge

Q: What is your go to drink you would order when you go out?
A: Depending on the mood – tequila shot, vodka shot or a delicious beer

Q: What is your favorite quote?
A: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else!? Can I get an amen!?”

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
A: My cat, Little Monsieur inspires me to greatness every single day