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Superbowl Tips and Tricks!

In Food

Hello 2022! Making it through year two of the pandemic is definitely something worth celebrating. As we look forward to all that the coming year may bring as well as set goals and resolutions for what we hope to accomplish, we may find ourselves starting to feel overwhelmed. However, going into the year knowing you aren’t perfect is key because then the possibilities are endless. Every single day is a new opportunity to start fresh, so don’t throw those healthy living goals away when you have one too many cookies a few days in…you’ve got this.

While we may all have varying health, fitness, work, and/or personal goals for 2022, there is no denying that prioritizing our loved ones is always a good one to have. Whether that means being more intentional with our kids, calling and visiting our parents and grandparents, or staying in touch with friends; time spent with those we love is time well spent. However with the hustle and bustle of life, hosting events where everyone can get together and hang out, like for the Super Bowl, can seem like just another thing you don’t have time to do. That’s where Truxton’s can save the day!

Imagine hosting an amazing Super Bowl party that was not only doable but also enjoyable? That’s right friends, not only can you crush those goals but also have fun while you do it! So here are some tips on how to host an epic Superbowl party:


  • TV Check: There is nothing worse than going somewhere to watch the game…just to not be able to watch the game! If using your own television, double-check to make sure everything is in working order. If you decide to rent one, get it a day early, that way you have more than enough time to address any issues should they arise. [Pro-tip: keep the remote next to the TV so you do not run the risk of losing it].
  • Keep the Kids Busy: Have coloring books, puzzles, toys, and activities (with minimal clean up) to keep the kids entertained. Bonus points if you can set up a space for the kids to play that is within eyes-reach of the TV!
  • Opt for Disposables: Cleaning up after a party is probably everyone’s least favorite part. Make cleaning up a breeze by using disposable plates and utensils and by choosing single serving beverages as opposed to those that need to be poured into a cup. You may also want to consider disposable plastic platters to make things even simpler. 
  • Have Truxton’s Cater your Party: Running around like a crazy person trying to make everything yourself is no way to enjoy gameday. Instead, let Truxton’s cater your party, so you can enjoy the food and wonderful company. First and foremost, we all know it is not really a party unless our famous Monkey Bread is there! Want something more hearty than chips and dip for snacking? Made into smaller portions, our well-loved Family Meals can be easily turned into the best couch bites your squad has ever had. Then there is the question…to grill or not to grill? Will everyone enjoy your top secret burger recipe you have perfected over the years? Of course! But just in case you want to take a year off and watch the game for once, Truxton’s is more than happy to cater your entire event. Start with our mouth-watering taquitos, add in our delicious wraps and artisan sandwiches , and finish with our assorted bite-sized desserts…boom all you have to do is set it out. Sounds like a win to us!