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School’s Back, Truxton’s can help with your checklist!

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It feels like Summer just started and yet here we are being reminded by stores everywhere that “Back-to-School” is coming. As a result, like a child grasping onto the piece of candy you told them they couldn’t have, we must pry the death-grip we all have on Summer and mentally prepare ourselves to embrace the upcoming school year. 

For many of us, that means squeezing in as much Summer fun during the day while easing our kids back to their reasonable bedtimes and early morning routines. Similarly, it may be time to clear out those closets of outgrown clothes and add some extra things to the seemingly endless school supply list. Let’s just say a prayer now for the week-long expedition we will have to embark on trying to find everything on those lists! Hopefully, it will only take you 2 visits to Target to find your daughter the exact sparkly unicorn backpack she saw on TV. 

But all-in-all, unicorn backpack or not, we know that our kids will be just fine on the first day of school because children are excellent at adapting. Us adults, on the other-hand, may need some more time preparing ourselves. We will most likely be shuffling around our schedules to make time for school pickups, drop offs, recitals, sporting events, field trips, and/or volunteering. But once we get into the swing of things, there is no doubt we will rise to the occasion. And although we may not be able to help you with all those PTA meetings, we can help out in so many ways. Late night at sports practice, let us do the cooking for you by ordering online for delivery or pickup on your way home! Want to celebrate a fantastic report card, grab a table at Truxton’s to toast your scholar! Need a teacher appreciation present, a Truxton’s gift card is loved by all! Now, let’s get started on making this school year a great one.