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October is National Vegetarian Month!

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Most of us associate the month of October with Halloween and pumpkins…but did you know that October is also Vegetarian Awareness Month? It begins on October 1st which is World Vegetarian Day and ends on November 1st which is World Vegan Day. Although many of us might assume that Vegetarian Awareness Month is only for vegetarians, it is actually a celebration for everyone! In addition to celebrating the vegetarian lifestyle, one of the main goals of this month is to teach others about the vegetarian lifestyle, its benefits to the body and environment, as well as to encourage and guide those interested in trying out a vegetarian lifestyle whether temporarily or permanently.

So what exactly are the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle? First and most obviously, are the health benefits that come along with a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diets tend to be higher in essential vitamins and minerals and fiber. Likewise, studies have shown that vegetarians tend to experience healthier BMIs. Likewise, there are benefits to the environment including less animals being slaughtered and less strain on the environment’s resources due to less animals being raised. 

Even though there are many positives to having a vegetarian diet, it isn’t for everyone and that is okay! In fact there is a movement that you may have heard of called “Meatless Monday” whose goal is to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption for their personal health and the planet. By encouraging people to make a small change like choosing one day a week to skip meat, people are more likely to consume more fruits, vegetables and plant-based meals throughout the week as well!

Interested in participating in Meatless Monday or incorporating more plant-based meals in your diet but not sure where to start? Come to Truxton’s and let us do the meatless cooking for you! We have been fortunate to partner with some amazing plant-based brands like Stevenson’s Farms, a woman-owned wholesale company based in Los Angeles, who produce our veggie and vegan patties. Whether you are craving a delicious meatless burger (our amazing Berkeley burger), a vegan parmesan skillet, or veggie “steak” tacos, we have got something to make Meatless Monday your favorite day of the week.


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