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Menu Spotlight – Chicken Tinga

In Food

Along with spotlighting our amazing team, another key part of Truxton’s is our FOOD!  Seems like a no-brainer but we wouldn’t have much of a restaurant without our delicious food.

While some of our recipes are created through testing, organic creating and tweaking, we also like to bring in recipes from our families and put the Truxton’s twist on them!  After all, home cooking just has that warm and cozy feel to it, doesn’t it??

Our first menu spotlight is our Chicken Tinga.  If you don’t know what Tinga is, it is basically a tomato based sauce with onions and spices which is then mixed with pulled chicken.  It is not overly spicy, just flavorful and DELICIOUS!  We mix our tinga sauce with pulled rotisserie chicken to create dishes like our Chicken Tinga Bowl and Spicy Chicken Taquitos.

The recipe was gifted to us by Gloria Nava, Valentin’s mother.  Valentin is our kitchen manager over in Santa Monica and has been with us for years.  The recipe was passed down from his grandmother on his father’s side, who was in Mexico at the time, in the city of Tlaxcala.  Gloria learned family recipes and brought them with her to Los Angeles.  Her recipe differs slightly, but when she tasted our dishes she loved the flavor (imagine presenting your cooking to your mother…. it was intimidating!!).  She brought the whole family in with her for dinner to taste, and she was able to visit both of her sons at work!  Omar, Valentin’s brother, is a line cook at Santa Monica too!


We like to keep it in the family around here 🙂  Come taste our Chicken Tinga and let us know if we get your stamp of approval!

… If you need me I will be at Gloria’s house eating my weight in Chicken Tinga…