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Lamb Sandwich

About Us

What is an American Bistro?

Since 2006, we had a vision of creating a new hospitality experience by developing what we now call the American Bistro. What does that mean? We have the warm and friendly atmosphere with bold food and beverage, which has since exceeded guest expectations. From suits to sandals and home to office, everyone is welcome to enjoy the American Bistro experience. We have taken on defining the American Bistro experience, utilizing the wide ethnic diversity that makes up America.

In today’s world earning a diner’s loyalty is hard, and it is our goal to change that by following our mission and uncompromising principles.

John and Tim Truxton's Founders
Ahi Tuna on Crispy Rice
Strawberry Cheesecake

Truxton's Twist on Classics

To keep pace with food and beverage trends, the development team, led by John Kaufman, Executive Chef Greg Schroeppel, and Regional Chef & Kitchen Manager Gerardo Zavala, is constantly reinventing dishes that keep up with the voice of Americanizing classic and international flavors with new twists, working towards the ‘craveable hospitality’. The menu rotates every season to feature new flavors and dishes, keeping the menu fresh.

Our slow roasted meats have become a core part of our menu and depending on the season you can find our 11-Spiced Brisket, Mexico City Al Pastor, or Beef Barbacoa! Our twisted classics include everything from healthful plates and salads to our sinful burgers and desserts. At Truxton’s a meal always begins with garlicky cheesy Monkey Bread and finishes with a shareable Cheesecake in our seasonal rotating flavor.

A Team That Truly Cares

One of our top priorities and the reason our guests keep coming back is because of our people!  We know how important a friendly face is; from welcoming you when you come in, serving you dinner after a long day, or delivering food to your door when you don’t seem to have the energy to change out of sweatpants.

Our team is so important to us because they essentially run our restaurants as the face of the brand.  Part of the winning formula is to put high value on employee satisfaction and quality of life.  In today’s work environment, listening is key, and we take all of our team member’s opinions and ideas to heart when we make decisions for the company.